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Scale Maille Black Ice Collar

  • $12000

This is a stunning piece.  Small black rings are interwoven under larger black "ice" rings giving this piece a sense of depth and complexity that has to be seen to be appreciated.  Finished with a row of Half Persian weave on the inner edge gives the piece a delicate curve.

Don't think this piece needs to be saved for an evening gown!  Put on your skinny jeans and a black shirt and slip this on for a little wow factor.

Even the toggle clasp is a knock out in the shape of angel wings with crystals at each end of the toggle bar.

For a different look slide the toggle closure to the front resting it on your collarbone for a chain and broach look.

Materials:  Anodized Aluminum

Length:  40.6 cm  Width 5.1 cm

Colours:  Scalemaille: Black Ice and Black

                Half Persian Inner Neck: Silver

Other colours available:  Yes; contact for information



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