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Can I order a piece in a different metal or colour?

Yes. However, the cost may be different. If it is in the same metal, only a different colour, the price will be the same. However, changing the metal will effect the price. And there may be a lead time to produce the piece if it is not currently in stock. Email us for more information.


I belong to a  re-enactment group / I want pieces that will prevent me from being injured by blades: are your pieces combat-ready?

No! I may be making combat ready in the furture but at the moment I do not.  These pieces are purely decorative. 


I have an allergy to metals: can I wear any of your pieces?

No. Even though most of the metals contained in the rings I use are fine for most people, I can not ensure the metal content of the closures and fittings since I do not make them myself. 


Are your items appropriate for children?

Absolutely not! No jewellery is. The process used for closing the rings is known as butted closures. This means the rings are manually closed together by hand but are not soldered. Therefore, if enough pressure is applied, the rings could be separated. Opened rings or individual rings can present a choking hazard and can also result in cuts or scratches. We recommend that these pieces be used by adults only.


What happens if my piece breaks?

We do take pride in our pieces and our workmanship, so much so that we will repair any piece free of charge if there is a problem with either the materials or workmanship with normal wear-and-tear for 12 months after sale.

If your item is broken or damaged, please email a picture of the piece and provide as much detail as you can about the problem. We will reply with next steps, which can include returning the piece for repair or replacement.

Sometimes a piece just needs an adjustment; in this case we will walk you though the process. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 


How do I store my pieces?

See Care and Store page


How do I clean my pieces?

See Care and Storage page



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