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Important note about colours

What can we say about colours... more than you think!

The colour of rings shown on photos can be effected by your computer settings, video card, the lightening when the photo was taken and a host of other issues.

Having said that:

1. Most of our pieces are made with coloured anodized aluminum rings have a very high sheen and they show well on most computers. When you see "anodized aluminum" expect a high shine unless stated otherwise.

2. Blackened Stainless Steel has a dull matte appearance - not they can not be polished (read more in storage and care).

3. Scales can be very hard to gage in photos, especially in the gold tone range. I am posting individual photos so you can get a better idea of colours that are the hardest to gage.

If you have any questions or concerns contact us prior to ordering to avoid disappointments and the cost associated with returning pieces... not liking the colour is not a defect.







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