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European 4-in-1 Blackened Steel "Once Bitten" Necklace

  • $12000

This choker-style necklace is a show-stopper - but be warned it has some serious weight to it!  Two strategically-placed blood-red Swarovski crystals let people know that you are loving the Vampires!

A row of Half-Persian weave along the inner neckline gives this piece a gentle curve as well as tightening up the overall weave for a flattering profile.

There is an interesting variation of this piece in the works - a true choker with a ribbon tie closure which is worn high on the neck, allowing the "blood drops" to be where bite marks would be!

Materials: Stainless steel

Length: Chain - 40 cm

Weight: 140 grams

Colours:  Blackened steel and red Swarovski crystals

Other colours available:  Yes, regular stainless steel

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